Sappho's Leap
A Novel
by Erica Jong

Norton, 2003
Bound by Minsky 2003
12" x 7" diameter

Bound as a scroll. Papyrus endpaper printed inkjet with reproduction of Sappho text from early scroll fragment. Wood endcaps with oil base stain, 23K gold leaf, polyurethane and lacquer. Inset brass bushing for cedar scroll handle, which is contained in scroll center under removable endcap. Scroll cover is lacquered inkjet adapted from Greek Krater image of Alcaeus and Sappho. 

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 Upon removing the cover, a papyrus scroll is seen. 

The papyrus with Sappho's text from a 2,300 year old fragment. 

A handle for the scroll is contained under the endcap. 

The cedar handle screws into a brass bushing in the bottom endcap.

The Minsky label is on the base.


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Inventing Memory

Inventing Memory

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