Catalog of
The Barbara Slate Archive

Photographed and described by Richard Minsky

The cover panel is a self-portrait by Barbara Slate
Spine title in 22K gold

Exhibition poster, 2015.

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The Barbara Slate Archive occupies an estimated 35 cubic feet of material, which includes copies of all published works, scripts, layouts, editorial comments, drafts, revisions, original art, press clippings, ephemera, and born-digital materials archived on a 2 TB portable drive. It also includes many unpublished works, screenplays, and commissioned projects, and a pair of roller skates.

Barbara Slate is praised as “emphatically of our time” by The New York Times, “titanically talented” by comics legend Stan Lee, and “a groundbreaking artist” and “industry trailblazer” by the Pennsylvania College of Technology, which brought her in as Keynoter for their third ‘Wildcat Comic Con.’

She is best known as a pioneering feminist cartoonist bridging mainstream and alternative comics. Her creation of the empowering character Ms. Liz in the mid 1970s propelled her to wide recognition when it was adopted as a series of animated features on NBC’s TODAY show in 1982. The Archive includes the videotapes of these segments, including interviews of Barbara by Jane Pauley and Bryant Gumbel.

Draft page from Barbara Slate's autobiography (in progress, 2018)
Reproduced in Catalog of The Barbara Slate Archive

A Ms. Liz page in Catalog of The Barbara Slate Archive

Ms. Liz was created originally as a line of feminist greeting cards that was issued in 1976. The character developed into a comic strip for the liberated woman that dealt with conflict between traditional and new values. It was featured in Cosmopolitan, Self, New Woman, and Working Woman magazines, and was an animated feature on the TODAY show for two seasons.

Because of its interdisciplinarity, The Barbara Slate Archive has material for researchers and students of

  • comics and graphic novels
  • women's and gender studies
  • creative writing
  • book history
  • literature
  • publishing
  • zines
  • art process
  • character development
  • plot development

For business, entrepreneurship and economics students it shows in much detail

  • the business of producing comics and books,
  • merchandising and monetizing characters
  • adapting to different media.

For film/TV and animation students it shows

  • the process of transforming a proposal into a script and a storyboard
  • in the example of Ms. Liz, into the finished animated series on the TODAY show.

  Barbara Slate's graphic novel Angel Love was presented by DCComics as a 9 part Maxi-series in 1987-88. It was the first mainstream comic for teens to address sex, drugs, abortion, and other social issues relevant to the times.

It's a funny book, wacky in places, using humor to defuse difficult subjects. Set in New York City, there are talking cockroaches who serve the role of the Greek chorus.

Not approved by the Comics Code Authority, the final issue had a "For Mature Readers" notice. Mail in the archive includes letters from girls for whom the tribulations in Angel Love mirrored their own lives.

A Yuppies from Hell page in Catalog of The Barbara Slate Archive
Yuppies From Hell, a satirical look into the lifestyle, relationships, and real estate of young urban professionals, was published by Marvel in 1989, followed by Son of Yuppies From Hell (1990) and Sex, Lies and Mutual Funds of the Yuppies From Hell in 1992. Together the three volumes make a 144 page graphic novel.


A Barbie page in Catalog of The Barbara Slate Archive

Barbie and Barbie Fashion comics were published by Marvel from 1991-96. Barbara Slate wrote 65 of the 116 issues, in which Barbie could be and do almost anything, setting an empowering role model. In one issue she teaches bookbinding at the Center for Book Arts, in another she's a scuba diver. These comics expand a girl's opportunity set about what a woman can do.

The comics won the Parents Choice award and were praised by Ms. magazine.

Two Pocahontas pages in Catalog of The Barbara Slate Archive

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a 13 comic series of new stories by Barbara Slate published by Marvel 1994-95.  In 1995-96 Marvel published her new stories for Disney's Pocahontas.

An Archie Comics page in Catalog of The Barbara Slate Archive

From 2003-2013 Barbara Slate wrote more than 150 stories for Archie Comics, mostly focusing on the friendship between Betty and Veronica. She did 15 Archie stories, 29 Betty, and 16 Veronica.


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A Getting Married and Other Mistakes page in Catalog of The Barbara Slate Archive

It took 17 years for Barbara to complete Getting Married and Other Mistakes, which was published in 2012 by Other Press. It went through several titles, including Sad Brides, and was serialized as a half-page comic in 41 issues of the Columbia Paper in 2009-2010 as I Got Married and Other Mistakes.

The Barbara Slate Archive includes many other titles and projects, occupying about 35 cubic feet of shelf space. To get a more comprehensive look at her work, visit the Barbara Slate Website.

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The cover panel is a self-portrait by Barbara Slate
Archival pigment inkjet on canvas

Limited Edition printed in full color on an Indigo 7500 digital offset press, with acid-free paper and archival inks, in a 9" x 12" format, hand bound, sewn with linen thread onto linen/cotton tapes, in a hardcover cloth binding. Spine title in 22K gold. Edition of 50 signed and numbered copies. Please allow two weeks for delivery, as each copy is hand bound on order.
Price: $495.00

Catalog of The Barbara Slate Archive


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