Laser Print from Watercolor by Elaine de Kooning

Rose Slivka

In 1985 Rose Slivka and Elaine de Kooning visited the caves in Altamira, Spain. Both were influenced by the experience of imagery which had been preserved for millenia.

Slivka is best known for her writing about art. For 25 years she edited Craft Horizons magazine, and is the Founder of Craft International. In November, 1989 Art in America published her article about Elaine de Kooning's Cave Series. The text of the present book is poem, a personal, internal reflection on the metaphor of the caves. The laser prints were made by Minsky directly from watercolors provided for this project by the Estate of Elaine de Kooning.

The prints are on Lana Royal Wove paper, with text on Rives BFK. This edition of Dreaming the Caves consists of 50 copies in various bindings.The regular edition binding is in buckram with the title stamped in gold.There are 13 pages of text, 15" x 17 1/2 " and four prints, approximately 10" x 12 1/2 ". 1991.


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