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Catalin Valentin’s Lamb
photographs and journal entries
Rosalind Fox Solomon

Foreword by Richard Minsky

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Traveling the Peruvian Andes, Fox Solomon jumped off the back of a pickup truck to photograph a landscape and found a woman nursing a lamb.

The book comes in a patented pop-up display box. The cover photo, Catalin Valentin's Lamb,
is printed in the Fox Solomon studio and lacquered at the Minsky Studio.

This artist book is about the photo.
There are two journal entries, with related photos of people and a landscape

Madre Rosa Cedro
Madre Rosa Cedro.
Photo by Rosalind Fox Solomon.
Printed in the Minsky studio by high resolution archival pigment inkjet.

Callejón de Conchucos, Ancash, Peru. July, 1981
Photo by Rosalind Fox Solomon.
Printed in the Minsky studio by high resolution archival pigment inkjet.

This is a new format for an artist book that has never been used for an edition.
It is a portable archival installation, exhibition, and storage system.

Side view: the box top folds under the easel and raises it for easy removal of the book.
An adjustable strut in the box enables the book to be displayed at different angles.

The photo raised controversial responses when it was featured on the Back Page of the Utne Reader in July of 1988. In the following issue the photo was again printed, with readers' responses ranging from "Repulsed" to "A picture of compassion." It was printed again in their Tenth Anniversary Issue.

A drawer in the side of the box contains three issues of the Utne Reader,
July/Aug 1988, Sept/Oct 1988, March/April 1994.
Pop-up display Patent No. 11,166,552.

"Readers respond to Catalin Valentin's Lamb". Utne Reader, September/October 1988.

Three short videos on how the pop-up display works, total run time under two minutes.

If it doesn't play in your browser you can watch it on YouTube.
Pop-up display Patent No. 11,166,552.

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Limited Edition in 12" X 12" format, includes four photos taken by Fox Solomon during her expedition to Callejón de Conchucos, Ancash, Peru in July, 1981 and one taken of Catalin Valentin when she returned there in August, 1995. There are two one-page excerpts from her journal about those trips.   Edition of 15 signed and numbered copies printed by high resolution archival pigment inkjet in the Minsky Studio. Cover photo printed in the Rosalind Fox Solomon studio, lacquered in the Minsky studio. Pop-up display by Minsky, Patent No. 11,166,552.

Publication date: November 10, 2022
Price: $15,000.00

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